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Acupuncture Studies - Now Enrolling

acupuncture-courses-in-ireland-dublin-and-ukContinue to work while you study and train to become a professional acupuncturist. We are now accepting applications for our Acupuncture training course.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine - Now Enrolling

online-herbal-courses-for-ireland-uk-usa-and-europeEnhance your practice with our Professional Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine. This course is available to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine graduates and senior students.

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Chinese Tuina Training - Now Enrolling

chinese-tuina-training-in-ireland-dublin-and-ukTCM Professionals and students can now apply for Tuina training. Chinese Tuina is a valuable addition to Acupuncture professionals to improve their clinical treatment.

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International Students

acupuncture-school-in-dublin-ireland-for-international-studentsWe welcome students from a variety of educational backgrounds and accept applications from Irish and International students.

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